Your Legal Partner with a Business Operator Lens

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I am not your traditional lawyer. We are not your traditional law firm. We aim to be your back-up in-house legal team with abilities to provide strategic business advice with significant growth opportunities through our global network.

I did not intend to be a lawyer but I stumbled upon being one after working as an electromagnetics product engineer at a global corporation. My team risked project cancellation due to a contract issue between a technology supplier until the in-house legal team came to the rescue. 

Since then, I worked in new business development and started a few companies of my own, creating business plans with strategic legal foresight from the business manager’s lens. 

Through my firm, I cost-effectively assist clients from the founders to managers and investors of all types in planning against legal issues for minimal operational interruption.

I look forward in assisting your business as your strategic legal partner.

Kevin M. Ninomiya Esq.

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